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  • Rusko @ Sound-bar

    Rusko @ Sound-bar

    Heyooo Wooks and Headbangers!

    Welcome to a new thing here on my blog, rave reviews! I go to a decent amount of raves and festivals and often have a lot to say about them and the outfits I wear/make for them. So I figured what better place to do so than here!!!. As opposed to in my journal that nobody should be reading and gives me total hand cramps to write in. So prepare yourself for plenty of wild outfits and exclamation points!!!

    Anywhooo I had a mini trip to Chicago last weekend with some friends (2 of them being birthday boys) to see the legend himself Rusko! This was my second time seeing him. Half of my group myself included had the pleasure of seeing him at Lost Lands 2018 and wooo was that a performance. So we were pumped.

    We rented out a gorgeous Airbnb with a rooftop view, cooked a team meal, and began getting ready together for the night's festivities. I chose to rock this red and yellow set from IHeartRaves I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. I am currently addicted to the buckle trend and anything checkered print so I was ready to slay this lewk. Popping on a yellow wig to really bring it all together.

    Once looking rave ready the fam and I took an Uber to Sound-bar. Now, this was our first experience at this venue and I must say it felt a lot more Chad central than the Wook filled Mirarmar we are accustomed to. Though the people who patted us down on the way into the club and a girl my friends and I got complaining about the size of forever21 tags with in the bathroom were far from chads and honestly lovely people. But this is a club so Chads and Brads were to be expected and we weren't about to let them ruin our night. As for the place itself, I found the look super classy with its round bar complete with red lighting and chandelier-like crystal drops hanging from the ceiling. Though I found the set up of the dance floor a bit odd. It formed a T shape and standing in the I part of the T felt almost like you were standing in another room and were therefore way too removed from the stage. I don't think it would be a terrible idea for sound-bar to add some lighting closer to this area so that it reaches it. But Chads and architecture aside we came here for the music!

    We arrived in time to see Animale who was fan-freaking-tastic. Putting out a good mix of both house and riddim and honestly a perfect opener for Rusko. Rusko killed it per usee playing fan faves like Walalangleng (say that 10 times fast), Woo Boost, and Hold On. He even blasted us again with his remix of Klutches Remix of Beethoven's Fur Elise. The night ended with Axilon pumping us full of nostalgia with tons and tons and tons and tons of throwbacks.

    We took our booties back to our Airbnb and proceeded to fall face first into our beds. Waking up the next morning to cure our hangovers with lots of delicious Chinese food and the best crab rangoon on the planet from my friend Dan's childhood fave Peking Mandarin Restaurant.


    Rusko was amazing, the club felt like a club, and I ate the best crab rangoons on the planet.