• Stripes & Shag

    Stripes & Shag

    Hello lovelies and happy Thursday! This week has been busssssy, so I am keeping this post short and sweet.  I wanted to create a look including my 3 favorite colors at the moment pink, blue, and ochre. Mixing colors may feel clashy to a lot of people but I am honestly obsessed with it! If you are looking for a new way to make a statement this is it! Plus it helps you get more use out of your wardrobe. I've found that repeating a neutral, such as white as I did here, can help these looks appear more put together and less like you got dressed in the dark. I hope this look inspires you babes to try a mix-matched color look for yourself! If you do make sure to tell me all about it or tag me in a photo! <3

    |Sunnies: H&M|T-Shirt: Hottopic|Pants: H&M|Cardigan: Nasty Gal|Shoes: Thrifted|

  • Candy-colored Summer

    Candy-colored Summer

    Can you believe it's already August!? As much as I love costumes, candy, and all things spooky. I am still enjoying Summer and am not ready to let it go. So when my Grandmother informed me the last hot days of Summer were upon us, I ran my booty to the beach swimsuit entail!

    I like to buy a new swimsuit every summer and this is this years. Yes, it is two combined into one because I am bored of matching bikini tops and bottoms! I love finding two colors that are the same value but different hues and putting them together. Like this yellow top and blue and white striped bottom.  Plus by mixing the two I also combined two things I have loved this summer, stripes and frills!

    Mixing and matching swimsuits is great for a number of reasons. For starters, it decreases the likelihood of someone else having the exact same swimsuit combo. Not that having the same swimsuit as someone is the end of the world, but we all like to feel unique once and awhile, am I right? Not to mention if you buy two matching swimsuits that you can mix and match with each other, BOOM you have 4 different swimsuit looks instead of just 2. Now that's just smart ladies.

    But swimsuits aren't the only beach necessity this summer!I am obsessed with my donut floatie. Its pink, it's cute, and it looks like dessert! It's the perfect sidekick to my candy-colored swimsuit and hair! Though I wouldn't recommend it for wavy waters like Lake Michigan. It's a fun item to float around the pool on or take cute photos in!

    So floaties and mix-matched swimsuits in hand lets enjoy the rest of our summer lovelies!


  • The Power of Pink

    The Power of Pink

    Some variation of this outfit has been my go-to look this summer. I am living for flowy waist-high pants, crop tops, high-heeled boots, a fabulous cabby hat and some cute sunnies! Another go-to of mine this summer has been the color pink, hence the pink wig and building. This is one of my favorite photo locations in Milwaukee. To my understanding, this building is simply another factory building just like the many that surround it. Though I find myself continuously fascinated by whomever's decision to paint it pink. Pink like its red relative has been known to make quite a statement.

    I recall coming across a book filled with pink artwork in my college library. I found myself amused by Czech artist David Cerny's decision to paint a Soviet tank war memorial pink, stirring up controversy and getting thrown in prison for "Hooliganism".  It fascinated me just how much of a statement a color can make and therefore how powerful pink is. I think this is one of the many reasons I am so entranced by this color. Even though I as a woman in her mid-twenties donning pink isn't nearly as shocking and is maybe even expected. I feel powerful babyyy!

    What about you lovely? Are you entranced by pink and all of its stigma?!

    |Hat:Forever21|Top:Thrifted(Fashion Nova)|Pants:H&M|Boots:Public Desire|Sunnies:Edge I-Wear|

  • From Girly to Edgy

    From Girly to Edgy

    Hello lovelies, did you miss me?! I took a blog break last week after pumping out 3 posts the week before. Infrasound was a blast but you always need time to recover after a festival. I also got a puppy last week! He's a 9 week old Australian Shepherd named Benson and boy is he a handful. Anywho let's talk some fashion!

    I recently picked up this dress from my local H&M. This summer I realized the lack of everyday dresses I own. So I have been on a mission to add some to my collection. I love the frilly-ness of this dress and of course, the color. But like a lot of dresses, it's almost a little too girly for my taste. So I thought id edge it up and let you babes in on some of my dress styling secrets.

    1. Makeup

    I didn't utilize this strategy on this particular day. But I thought I'd include it anyway. Rocking a thick wing or a black lip is a sure way to add some edge to any look. There's just something fun about looking like goth Barbie.

    2. A Black Leather Jacket

    I've found that no matter how girly I go my pleather jacket will take the look from " I am an innocent little flower" to "Don't f%$#* with me!" in an instant! The more zippers and studs and overall hardware your jacket has the stronger the results. Shout out to all the greasers, punks and bikers that made this jacket such a staple badass piece.

    3. Combat Boots

    This is quite similar to number 2. Since combat boots are another one of those "edgy" pieces. They are honestly key for me when it comes to making girly edgy, especially with dresses. Just imagine this dress with a different pair of shoes, some heals for example. Not nearly as badass right? But a pair of combat boots?! You just went from being unprepared to walk long distanced to being able to stomp through the mud without a care in the world and that's what I call badass.

    In conclusion, it's all about mixing in some classic "edgy" pieces. Whether that be a classic black lip or leather jacket. As well as practical pieces like a pair of combat boots. These are just a few of my from girly to edgy tips and I hope you lovelies enjoyed hearing them. I'd love to hear some of yours! Tell me all about your girly to edgy styling tips in the comments.

  • Infrasound Music Festival: Day 3 (Final Day)

    Infrasound Music Festival: Day 3 (Final Day)

    The weather cleared up just in time for the final day of Infrasound and my favorite outfit of the weekend! Last year my boyfriend wore a head to toe gold look and we knew we had to rock head to toe couples looks this year. Why do you ask? Well because we like gooooooold. Austin Powers jokes aside I put a lot into this look. Going for a sun and stars, renaissance met gala inspired look. Wearing my first ever pair of Elsie and Fred La Bamba shorts, a must have for festival babes, a gold star rave bikini top designed and made by me. I have one currently up for sale on my Depop if you want to score your own and I will definitely be restocking these if this one sells, so don't you worry if you missed out. As well as a gold kimono with black stars originally from Boohoo that I scored on Depop. Black rain boots to keep my feet clean of any leftover mud from the day before and finally this sunburst headpiece made out of zip-ties, a cheap headband, and gold paint. Shout out to The Artisan Life for giving detailed directions on how to make such an eye-catching piece. My boyfriends look this year was much more black and gold, but gold nonetheless. I made his muscle -t which he paired with his black and gold pashmina, another festival clothing must. Rocking some black sweatpants with gold detailing up the sides, hiking boots and a statement flat brim hat to bring the look together. We killed it this year if I do say so myself.

    Since I chose a king for Summerfest's #Dress4theFest I knew I had to crown myself a king and queen for Infrasound! So here they are.

    This gorgeous woman came running up to me saying we needed a photo together because I was the gold to her silver. This babe is definitely the Infrasound Queen or shall I say Infrasound Khaleesi because her top gives off total Daenerys Targaryenvibes. Seriously can't get over her eye for detail and her beautiful personality! Twas a pleasure meeting you, you goddess!

    As for the Infrasound king, the choice was obvious. Let's be real, this king crowned himself. Rocking a classic king crown that somehow managed to work perfectly with his red teddy bear shirt, he slayed! This man had me cracking up with his poses too. Awesome work dude!

    I hope you lovelies have been enjoying my Infrasound posts! My Infrasound vlog and final installment in my Infrasound Music Festival series will be going up on my Youtube tomorrow night! Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss it.

  • Infrasound Music Festival: Day 2

    Infrasound Music Festival: Day 2

    Day 2 of Infrasound was a rainy one, but it wouldn't be infrasound without a little rain. Which is why I suggest packing for the rain when it comes to festivals.  You don't want to miss out on the good times because you're hiding in your tent. My friends and I had planned out space goddess looks for day 2 since we would be seeing DJ Peekaboo, whose music includes a lot of alien references. The rain changed up all of our looks quite a bit, but we looked like festival babes nonetheless. Sadly we  never got a group shot of our outfits.  But I took a couple of my own and sprinkled in a shot of the girls so yall could get an idea of our rainy day looks.

    Day 3 I ran around taking photos of other festival goers looks! Since fashion is one of my favorite parts of festivals. The style reminds me so much of my childhood days of playing dress up with my friends and walking around the neighborhood for the world to see! Festivals are one of the few places you can really let your style run wild without any fear of judgement just as you did as a kid. Festivals really do feel like playgrounds for adults in so many ways. I included a few of my favorite looks down below. Make sure to check out my FB page for all of them! It was hard to only pick 10. Also make sure to stay tuned tomorrow for my day 3 look!

  • Infrasound Music Festival: Days 0 and 1

    Infrasound Music Festival: Days 0 and 1

     This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending my 2nd Infrasound! For those of you who aren't familiar, Infrasound is a Dubstep/Bass camping  Festival that takes place in the Midwest, more specifically Highbridge, Wisconsin. It's a 3 day long festival consisting of a wide array of artists and two sunrise sets.

    My journey begins Day 0. Since my friends and I like to get up there a day early so we can snag a good camping spot the morning the gates open instead of leaving at 3am to make the 5 hour drive.  We spent Day 0 at a quant motel in Ironwood, Michigan called The Royal Motel. I joked on twitter that the hotel was cute but still had me worried someone would come knocking on the door asking "Is Tamara here?" But all jokes aside this place was lovely. Providing us with a cozy vibes, good conversation and a continental breakfast. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for an inexpensive motel to stay at.

    Day 1 began our journey to Infrasound! We arrived in time to claim our same camp site as last year and get ready for our first night of fun! This night included sets from Yheti, K.L.O,Kong Speaks, and many more artists. As well as a journey through some gorgeous string art. It being day 1 I knew I had to go all out on my outfit. I made both my two piece set and jacket for this look and I like to call it Bass Barbie! Ya'll should follow my Depop if you are looking to score some of my rave creations! After all the compliments I received on this look I know I have to share them with the rest of you lovelies! Make sure to keep an eye on my blog and Instagram for looks from Day 2 and 3.

  • LoveThrift USA: Rainbow Sequin Dress

    LoveThrift USA: Rainbow Sequin Dress

    Now it should be no secret to you lovelies that thrifted clothing is a big part of my wardrobe. I love hunting the racks at thrift stores, imagining the people who once owned the items, and most importantly helping to save our environment! So for today's blog post, I've teamed up with Colorado-based online thrift store LoveThrift USA. They sent me this gorgeous dress that is literally the dress of my dreams. With its rainbow sequins, lengthening cut, and peekaboo slit I am in love. Someone take me somewhere fancy so I can cast a rainbow over the room! This dress couldn't have come at a more perfect time. It's the perfect piece to transition you babes into the festival style takeover my blog will be getting next week. Get ready for even for sequins baby!!! If you are looking to score some thrifted goodies make sure to check out Keep on thrifting lovelies!

    |Dress:LoveThrift USA|Shoes:Plato's Closet|Gems:The Gypsy Shrine|

  • The Gingham Pant

    The Gingham Pant

    That's right lovelies I've hopped on board another trend, the gingham pant. I think this is the perfect summertime trend being that the pattern gives off total picnic table vibes, and whats the best season for a picnic?! Summer babyyy. Plus how fun is it to wear patterned pants?! As much as I love me some blue jeans they get old real fast. Not to mention they are black and white and you really can't go wrong with anything black and white since it goes with literally every color! I chose to style them with literally all of my favorites, my chaos boots, black cat-eye sunnies, baker boy hat and pleather jacket.  Which goes to show how well these fit into my wardrobe. What do you lovelies think? Is this a trend you are rocking this summer?!

    |Hat:H&M|Jacket:Thrifted|Top:H&M|Pants:H&M|Shoes:Public Desire|

  • Summerfest #Dress4thefest

    Summerfest #Dress4thefest

    Hello lovelies! As some of you may already know, I recently had the pleasure of working with Summerfest, the worlds largest music festival. As someone who has been attending Summerfest since I was a wee preteen. Getting to work with them on something both fashion and photo based was the opportunity of my dreams!

    So with Milwaukee photographers Nathanial Schmidt and Claire Laurel by my side. We set out in search of fashionable Summerfest goers. Unsure of what to expect on a rainy Sunday. I was stunned by the amount of for lack of a better word, fashionistas we found. It was wonderful seeing everyone style and connecting with people through fashion. I thought id go ahead share favorites with you lovelies, enjoy! Also, make sure to tell me your favorite in the comments. 

    We literally picked this guy out of a crowd of people who were gathered at picnic tables watching a band. Which really goes to show how eye-catching of a look this is. I absolutely adore his straw hat and the smile that grew across his face when I asked if we could photograph him for Summerfest warmed my heart.

    How do you not make a statement wearing overalls and no shirt? Its simply not possible. This guy owned his look so much it was honestly hard to choose which photo of him to share. His poses were all on point! I think I could learn a thing or two. 

    As a lover of wigs I was thrilled to find someone as fabulous as this woman slaying in this red wig and 90s style dress. I actually ended up running into her a couple days later and she was donning yet another fabulous wig and dress while hula hooping her booty off. Keep killing it girl! 


    I’ve always been of a fan of the preppy look on tatted guys. It’s almost somehow edgier than wearing distressed denim, a band-t, and leather jacket. His shirt was also so fitting for the day with little umbrellas on it. They may have been beach umbrellas but they were umbrella nonetheless!

    This babe killed it in her head to toe stripes look! I love the way she accessorized with hoop earrings and simple black flip flops. Keeping all the attention of the striped set. This is definitely a look I would love to rock!

    We spotted this woman tocking purple hair, a leopard print top, and pleather pants while dancing to a rock band. I like to think I met my future self in this lady. She wasn't just stylish but as lively as can be. I feel like this image really captured her aura. I hope to one day be as cool as you girl! 

    I had to save the best for last. Walking along red picnic tables we encountered this man. Dressed in head toe red sequin. It doesn't get any better than this folks! We unofficially donned this man the king of Summerfest.

    In conclusion, this was a wonderful experience that I am so honored to have had. Huge thanks to everyone involved! <3

    Photos taken by Nathanial Schmidt and Claire Laurel 

    Summerfest Instagram