• Silly Rabbit

    Raise your Hatori Hanzo steel in the air if Kill Bill is one of your all time favorite movies! Did you do it? I would have if I owned a katana. But let's be real, I am a clumsy mess and swords should be kept as far away from me as possible. I know this is a fashion blog, but the one thing I love as much as fashion is movies and sometimes they go hand in hand. Whether that be a look inspired by a character or in this case a shirt making reference to many movies.

    So...back to my love for Kill Bill. Growing up there weren't as many badass female roles as there are today. So seeing female characters Beatrix Kiddo, O-Ren Ishii, and Gogo Yubari kick major ass was an eye opening experience for 11 year old me. I recall first seeing the film on a trip to my aunt and uncles cabin in northern Wisconsin. My friend had brought it along and we proceeded to watch it every day of the trip and spent the rest of the time acting out scenes from the film like the fight between Beatrix and Gogo (I am a dork I know). So naturally I am loving the abundance of Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Wes Cravin shirts floating around the online shopping web. Allowing all the women who were inspired by these movies to act out their roles in a less dorky way than my younger self. While having that role blend with whomever they are today. Like a checkered print loving, green haired, Midwestern girl.

    What do you lovelies think? Do you like this trend? What's your favorite Tarantino film?

    |Coat:Current Mood|Bodysuit:Romwe|Skirt:H&M|Boots:Thrifted|Purse:H&M|

  • Checkered Piece of Fuzz

    Checkered Piece of Fuzz

    Hello beautiful babe! Today I bring to you yet another colorful look. This fuzzy pink checkered hoodie was one of my black Friday buys and I am obsessed with it! As I've stated before in many ways the checkered trend is my jam, pink is my color, and anything furry is my soul mate! I chose to pair this gorgeous piece of fuzz with some classic black high wasted pants, cat eye sunnies, and my beloved chaos boots. 

    Photographing this look was a challenge in many ways. I had to shoot it twice after my memory card deleted the first shoot (may those photos RIP). Not to mention working with the bright winter sun is always a challenge. But hey when life gives you a sunny winter day you don't complain, you work with it. So heres some fashion forward shadow monsters to brighten your day!

    |Hoodie:Forever21|Pants:H&M|Shoes:Public Desire|

  • Gold OOTD

    Gold OOTD

    Maybe it's because I've been listening to Excision and Illenium's song Gold on repeat, which is well, pure gold. Or maybe its just the fact that I love gold, but oh boy has this color taken over my life! I really just can't get enough and this look is living proof! I decided to pair this golden look with another trend I can't get enough of faux shearling, or as I like to call it teddy bear fabric. Because let's be real now that it's cold out I just want to be one big giant teddy bear of warmth radiating the color of sunshine! Enjoy lovelies!

    |Hat:Forever21|Top:H&M|Pants:Forever21|Shoes:Public Desire|Coat:Charlotte Russe|Belt:Nasty Gal|

  • Da Ba Dee

    Da Ba Dee

    Hello, lovelies! It's been a minute. It's that time of year where shooting outside becomes a bit of a challenge. Half the battle is trying not to look cold. Which can be difficult when the wind feels like knives in my ears and the snow blinds my eyes. So I am sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. But don't you worry, your girl is back and ready to kick winters butt with some mad style!

    How rad are these plaid blue pants I thrifted?! I've been obsessed with colored pants lately. Don't get me wrong I love a good blue jean or classic black trouser. But I feel like a colored or patterned pant has the ability to make a look a thousand times for fun. These pants happened to match this jacket I thrifted perfectly, making for one "I'm Blue - da ba dee da ba dye" look. Lastly, you babes should know how much I love orange and blue together by now. So I decided to finish off the look with my new fuzzy orange purse. I hope this look inspires you to add some color to your life this week! We need all the color we can get in this dreary months to come. 

    |Hat:Thrifted|Top:Charlotte Russe|Jacket:Thrifted|Pants:Thrifted|

    |Purse:Thrifted|Shoes:Public Desire|

  • Coney Island Creep

    Day 2 of our trip we woke up in a little Brooklyn apartment to the sounds of the city outside. There was one last place we wanted to check out before making our 14-hour drive home, Coney Island. A place pictured in at least a thousand movies and TV shows and mentioned in even more songs. After squeezing into a parking spot we took off down the streets of Brooklyn with Lana Del Rey's Brooklyn Baby ringing in my head.

    Arriving at Coney Island we were met with a set equipped with a tent filled with food and drink for extras as well as an overwhelming abundance of photo spots. Coney Island may have been closed but I enjoyed every minute of it regardless and I can't say I minded the lack of people. I immediately fell in love with Coney Island's cute yet creepy vibe and its hidden surprises around every corner. At one point while wandering around we found ourselves outside of the Eldorado Arcade, a place you fellow Mr. Robot fans should recognize as fsociety. I immediately took a moment to channel my inner Eliot and Darlene, as you will see below. After taking way too many pictures it was time to head home. I didn't leave without some touristy gear though, purchasing both a t-shirt and patch featuring the Funny Face Steeplechase man from the one shop that was open. Finally taking one last look at the park, trying to imagine what it must be like during the warm summer months. 


  • A Very Pink Day in New York

    This past  Sunday my boyfriend and I took a spur of the moment trip to New York, after attending a wedding in Pennsylvania. This was my first time in the big apple, and only having  a day and a half in the city, I knew I couldn't even begin to see and experience everything I wanted. One thing on my list I did get to experience was snapping a photo outside Pietro Nolita, a very pink restaurant located in Nolita that you've probably seen at least once on Instagram. As a fashion blogger, and believer in pink I felt this stop was 100% necessary, a blogger rite of passage even. So much so that I was met by other fashoinistas and photographers having their own photo shoots. Giving me the wakeup call that I was no longer in sometimes fashionable Milwaukee but always fashionable New York.

    Now  the one downside to the trip being spur of the moment was the lack of outfit preparation. Luckily I brought one of my many faux fur jackets and cabby hats along for the trip. Realizing quickly that they helped me blend right into the crowd of many fur and cabby hat donning New Yorkers. Which was when I realized I didn't stand out like I so often do here in the Midwest and I can't say I've ever felt this on such an extreme level before especially since having unusual colored hair. Its home of Fashion week for a reason, the people here have style and like me, aren't afraid to be a little extra about it.

    I hope you lovelies enjoyed this little look at my first day in New York! I hope you look forward to my next blog post  all about my time in Brooklyn.


  • Fall OOTD

    Fall OOTD

    I've made it my goal to find classy yet comfortable pants this season. I adore the idea of looking put together yet feeling like you're wearing pajamas. I found these dusty pink babies at my local Plato's Closet. I love how well they match this lip shade and how perfect the length is to style with a cute pair of booties. Plus they feel like silky pajama pants, so can I get a hell yes?!

  • A Beetlejuice Scoobie Gang Kinda Look

    A Beetlejuice Scoobie Gang Kinda Look

    Hello, lovelies! I am sorry I missed you babes last week! I've been nursing a cold while trying to get back into the swing of balancing blogging with a fulltime job. I hope you lovelies understand and that 31 days of Halloween makeup helps make up(no pun intended) for it. Anyway, let's get into this look baby!!!

    With it being fall I have been diving deep into my favorite fall colors. These orange pants have been a blessing this season! Giving me total pumpkin vibes and adding that extra pop of color to my outfit. This is the first time I've ever paired them with a patterned top and I am digging it. Especially since stripes give me major Beetlejuice vibes this time of year. I chose to accessorize with some fall must-haves a baker boy hat, brown boots that make me look like part of the Scoobie gang, and an intricate leather belt. Lastly I through on the new old leather jacket from ThriftUSA to finish off the look and keep my booty warm against the crisp fall air. What do you lovelies think?! Do stripes give you Beetlejuice vibes?


    |Jacket:Thrifted|Sunnies:Foster Grant|

  • Lost Lands Music Festival: 2018 Diary

    I've sat down to write this blog post 3 times now. When I said words couldn't begin to describe my experience at lost lands I wasn't just saying that to be dramatic, I truly meant it. So here goes my final and hopefully successful attempt. If you aren't prepared to read me ramble about my weekend in a very grammatically cringe-worthy diary style keep scrolling for tl;dr and photos!

    Day 0

    The 4 of us, my boyfriend, our friends and part of our Infrasound Music Festival family Rob and Abbie, and myself set out to get lost in the early morning of Thursday. Our trip began with an 8 hour drive from Wisconsin to Ohio. During which we came across what Shane Dawson would describe as a FEMA camp aka abandoned Wal-Mart, ate shitty Hardees, and scrolled the reddit forums and Facebook discussions to see what was in store for us at the security checkpoint. We were met with horror stories of 8 hour waits and security on power trips throwing away prescription medication and tossing valuables onto the ground. Creating quite a mass of people on Facebook upset about Lost Lands before the activities even began. We did our best to stay positive and were happy to see how involved Jeff AKA Excision had been with responding to these complaints, already firing people who were crossing the line and assuring us that he has our backs via Twitter.

    When we finally arrived around 6 pm there were maybe about 12 cars ahead of us to the security checkpoint. Our wait only ended up taking about 3 hours in total and our security was super chill. Joking around with us to "hand over our drugs" checking over a few things, having us hand over our medications to the medics to check over, but mostly just using our air conditioning and making sure we weren't bringing anything dangerous into the festival.

    Once we arrived at camp we quickly set everything up and threw on some makeup to head over to the pre-party. Which we unfortunately missed, but we spent the rest of the night exploring the campgrounds, swinging from a vine we found (it doesn't get more Lost Lands than that) and meeting our neighbors.

    Day 1:

    Day 1 began with a crappy cup of $10 coffee and us exploring more of the shops within the campgrounds. I rocked my leopard print set that I made and wore during Infrasound. Yes, I am repeating an outfit but hey I didn't make this just to wear it once!

    After getting fed and ready we made our way to the festival grounds. I can only describe my first reaction to the festival grounds as "in total awe." I was shocked by the size, amount of people, amount of dinosaurs, the freaking volcanoes, the Million watts of bass, basically everything! The number of videos I watched didn't prepare me for what I was witnessing before my eyes. This place was suddenly real and I couldn't wait to explore it. We watched Midnight Tyrannosaurus at Prehistoric Paradox getting our first look at the Stage and the incredible totems people made. This Jeff Goldblum one was one of my favorites.

    We made the mistake of returning to our campsite partway through the day. I recall hearing a remix of the Jurassic Park theme song off in the distance and realizing we were going to miss Zomboy's set if we didn't leave immediately. We found ourselves a cab (Golf cart) and headed off to the festival. Making it in time to see Zomboy and one of the best sets of the weekend, Excision!!! I swear I died and went to heaven when Akylla came out to perform Drowning. Once Excision was done blowing our minds he gave us another gift I didn't even know I wanted. The gift of watching the movie that inspired all of this and that meant so much to so many of us as children Jurassic Park. I couldn't have said it better than my friend Rob "He gave us the gift of seeing Jurassic Park again for the first time." I seriously felt like a child again. Not just because I was wearing a onesie and surrounded by other people wearing onesies while running around hugging dinosaurs I was convinced were real, but because I just had my mind blown and was now realizing an arrow filled with nostalgia had been shot through my heart. That's honestly the only way I can begin to describe it. This wasn't just any Jurassic Park either. It was the highest quality I had ever seen it in. Some scenes even had extra stuff added to them like Excision's music! This night made me realize no power tripping security guard, crappy camping spot, lost valuables, or hurricane (this will make sense later) could ruin this weekend!

    Day 2

    We managed about 2 hours of sleep, sleeping in a tent that was literally sitting at a 45-degree angle. I wish I was kidding, but our tent legit looked like the inside of a rocket ship LMFAO. If that wasn't silly enough I had that silliest Porta Potty experience of my life this morning. There was a line of cars driving into camp. One of which decided to blast some bass and yell "BASS WHILE YOU POOP!" which I responsed with a "WOO"and a girl a couple Porta Pottys down responded with a "YEAH BASS SHITS!!!"If this isn't the greatest depiction of the Lost Lands family I don't know what is. After we all finished our bass shits and got ready for the day we set off to rage and not return to camp till the day's festivities were over! We watched Bleep Bloop from the tree lines and saw the most fitting totem of Mr. Krabs saying "It's the one that goes Beep Beep Boop Bop." The rest of Saturday consisted of me riding a freaking triceratops, eating the best festival food of my life, meeting a man whose outfit was made entirely of hexagonal mirrors, and having my mind  blown in a million different ways by Boogie T, G Jones, Bear Grillz, Rusko, Ganja White Night, Illenium, 12th Planet, and Virtual Riot. Oh, and I am 90% sure I shared a moment with Excision in the crowd. Or at least with some dude that kinda looked like him wearing a Pashmina over his head and a gold eyepiece over one eye.

    Day 3

    While planning our day at camp we were notified that the festival was ending early due to the hurricane!!! So we packed up camp and headed off to make the best of the final day. This was the day of the secret special guest and we had absolutely no idea what we were in store for. We made sure to get as close as possible though and who was it but DJ DIESEL AKA  Shaquille O'FREAKING Neal!!! Never in a million years did I think I would see Shaq perform live. He held Excision up on his shoulders at one point and I am still waiting for someone to make this into a pin. His graphics were hysterical. He took the scene from the first Jurassic Park where the kids are hiding from the raptors in the kitchen and put his face on the raptors! His set was followed up by Excisons's Detox Set then Jauz which were both killer sets. We took a break to stuff our faces with more delicious food,  explore one last time, catch a bit of Rezz then finish the night with Doctor P and Flux Pavilion.

     Leaving was heartbreaking and I think I would have cried if part of me wasn't in disbelief that I was leaving the place that was my home the last  4 days. This festival brought so many loves together music, film, art, and fashion. I spoke with so many wonderful creative and talented people and had the experience of a lifetime which made me realize I need to stop making excuses for not following my dreams. I learned to sew when I was a child and fashion and design have been so important to me ever since. It's time I start sharing my creations with the world and use them as a way to be a part of a community I love so much. So lovelies get ready because this girl is starting her own festival line! It's going to take time but I want to at the very least start selling these furry hats(pictured below).  

    I feel like I've been lost for a long time and it ironically took a festival called Lost Lands to help me find my path. So thank you to Excision and the Lost Lands team for inspiring me and giving me and many others a  weekend we will never forget!



    I swung from a vine, rode a triceratops, met a man in a mirror suite, took bass poops, slept in a rocket ship, possibly shared a moment with Excision in the crowd, saw DJ Diesel aka Shaq perform and lift Excision up on his shoulders, hugged dinosaurs,ran from a hurricane and lost my freaking mind at Lost Lands!

  • Yellow There!

    Yellow There!

    Hello lovelies! I am off to Lost Lands music festival!!! But before I throw more festival style at you I thought I'd share some daily style inspiration with you babes! so this week I am giving you lovelies your first look at one of my new(to me) vintage items! This lovely yellow baker boy hat. I don't know what it is about plaid and baker boy hats but they go together like PB&J. So here's my bakerboy plaid creation babes! Enjoy!