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  • Coney Island Fiend

    Coney Island Fiend

    The checkered obsession never ends. I was happy to wear this look at Coney Island and blend right into all the carnival colors. Coney Island fits my style so well I even picked out these adorable pair of heart shaped glasses while there. I am sure you could find similar ones a million different places. But there’s something fun about having a good story or memory behind a piece of clothing or an accessory no matter how usual the item.

    These sunnies don’t just hold the memory of a day in Coney Island, they hold the memory of my first solo excursion in New York. I know this place is filled with women who go out every day on their own into the world. But it’s still a bit scary exploring a mysterious place you hear so many scary stories about. I could have given myself a million reasons to hide in my hotel room, but I am glad I didn’t. I found that there's something both freeing and exhilarating about adventuring alone. I was free to do what I wanted when I wanted in a whole new world.

    Some of the perks were the sense of accomplishment that came with figuring out how to get places, though I can’t take full credit, hail Google Maps our true lord and savior. I also felt more aware of everything that was going on around me. It’s amazing the things you will hear and see when you’re not focused on your own conversation. Lastly because alone made me more approachable. Which could be both good and bad. But in my case all it did was allow for some pleasant conversation. All of those wonderful things being said I still prefer a traveling companion. Sometime no matter where you are it’s the people you are with that make the place fun. Though its good to know I don’t always need someone by my side to enjoy my surroundings and if given the opportunity I suggest you try it. Just stay safe out there lovelies.