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  • 3 Ways to Style a Skort for you Squirts

    3 Ways to Style a Skort for you Squirts

    Hello, lovelies! After a massive struggle of packing 1 weeks work of clothes for Mexico into a carry on bag, I think I've finally figured it out! The way to not only keep your carryon from bursting at the seems while heading for vacation but being more minimalistic in your wardrobe altogether. Which is a challenge I want to face head on this year. Starting by finding and keeping clothing that can be styled into multiple outfits. So imma give you babes some inspiration if you're looking to do the same. Starting off by showing you how you can take a skort or dress, a pair of shorts, a pashmina and a top and make 3 different looks. Here we go!

    1. The Basic Way but like with a Pashmina so it's Different

    Pashminas have become a staple in rave culture and that's where my interest in them first grew. What makes them such a perfect rave and honestly just everyday accessory is their adaptability to every climate. When you're cold its a blanket, when you're hot you can dip it in water to cool you off and shield you from the sun. Not to mention they can be stylish af girl! Adding a pop of color to an outfit or complimenting the colors already in one as I did here. So pick one up babyyy you won't be disappointed! FYI depending on their size pashminas can be worn as many clothes items like skirts, tops, and dresses.

    2. As a Tank Top Say Whaaaaat?!

    If you can find the right pair of shorts with plenty of room you can easily make a skort work as a top. As long as you're not afraid of a little extra work when it comes time to use the restroom that is. This trick is great for cooler summer days because it adds an extra layer of warmth. While style allowing you to rock a classic summer looks, shorts and a tank top. FYI you could definitely style these shorts with the top I am about to show you for yet another outfit! 

    3. With an Added T Babyyy

    I chose to throw this t on underneath giving this look a 90s nostalgic flair. Once again using the extra item to add some warmth and changing the look from a simple girly outfit to a slightly more fashion-forward one. FYI you could even more easily throw this top over your skort and voila you are now wearing a cute top and shorts. 

    I hope you lovelies enjoyed this how to style and that it's giving you some spring closet cleaning inspiration. Which one of these looks were your faves?!