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  • Anthropomorphized Watermelon

    Anthropomorphized Watermelon

    Hey fam, it's me, the green haired kawaii watermelon looking girl. If you don't know wtf I am talking about, bear with me. Do you know those cutesy drawing of watermelons? Like the ones that often have faces and are more pink than red? Even though watermelons are redder. Though the pink part is my fave if I am being honest. I am a weirdo I know, but yall should know this by now. If this isn't ringing any bells google kawaii watermelon. Anyway, I have basically been obsessed with wearing pink since donning my green hair because it reminds me of an adorable anthropomorphized watermelon and apparently that's all I wish to be in life. We all have our aspirations right?

    This pink corduroy overall style dress is allowing me to live out my watermelon dreams. I chose to pair it with my white faux shearling jacket and white chunky sneakers to be a trendy ass bitch. Finishing off the look with my checkered backpack to remind y'all of my addiction and dedication to the checkerboard print.

    Shout out to Alax aka The Wild Inspired for capturing another one of my #lewks yet again. Check her out if you love girls who don't want to look like anthropomorphized watermelons. But for real her style is actual goals and she's a total babe and photography queen!

    |Jacket:Charlotte Russe(RIP)|Dress:H&M|Shoes:Missguided|Backpack:Target|