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  • A Valentine's Day Look for the Shooketh

    A Valentine's Day Look for the Shooketh

    Hi sweet thangs! It's that time of year again where you are either basking in the joys of love, bawling your eyes out to Eternal Sunshine and the likes (I speak from experience), or just completely indifferent to this holiday and hey bae thats ok. Either way I thought I'd give you lovelies an outfit idea to get you feeling extra sexy on this Hallmark Holiday.

    I have one rule when it comes to creating the perfect V Day look. You always need a pop of red or pink,  right hunnies? Once you pick that color it will help bring the rest of the look together. For example, I am feeling red this year, hence this gorgeous thrifted coat from Love Thrift. What pattern goes best with red?! Leopard print!!! Shhhh...there's no other pattern ok, trust me. Plus the fit of this skirt gives me major Joan Holloway vibes and it's doing wonders for my pencil body shape. Like girl where did those curves come from? Only the skirt knows and it won't tell me its secrets.

    Now Valentine's Day isn't just about what you are wearing to diner. I am talking lingerie babyyy, and if you are struggling to figure how to hide your sexy lingerie under your modern clothing I've got a little trick for you. This top is actually lingerie with a cami underneath. Are you shook? Because you should be. So when you are trying to decide if you want to rock a teddy or a babydoll think about which one is going to work with than din din outfit. If you can wear it as a top like I did this will save you babes a lot of time when it comes time to slip into something more comfortable.  

    Lastly, I highly recommend you pick a pair of shoes that make you feel like a badass bitch! Extra points to you if they happen to match your lingerie. These stiletto sock ankle boots are the perfect combination of sexy yet deadly and that's everything I ever want in a pair of heals.

    So lovelies, what do you think? Do you like your heals sexy yet deadly? Do have a hot date? Or are you staying in to cry your eyes out to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Most importantly what are you wearing?