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  • Frosty


    Good evening lovelies! I shot with the oh so beautiful and talented AF Alaxandra Rutella today. We ended up having enough time after our main shoot ( which you will see in the near future) to shoot each other's outfits. So here is mine, if you want to see hers keep an eye on her Instagram.

    This is a pretty basic " I am colder than Frosty the freaking Snowman but I still want to look kinda cute look". The weather has been all over the place so your girl just wants to be as comfortable as possible until we can say buh bye to this season. But I refuse to let the dreary colors that come with this weather to work their way into my wardrobe, nuh uh hunny. So I went for a colorful striped sweater with this gorgeous blue suede jacket on top. Pairing them with black pants and my beloved white sneakers, and let my hair do the rest of the talking. Normally I like my colors more balanced throughout my outfits, but I feel like white sneakers have the ability to give a look that extra pop. Especially when they are as chunky and obnoxious as these. Lastly, I wanted to include some photos of how I would actually wear this look out and about during the winter. With a giant fluffy coat overtop, because like I said your girl is colder than Frosty and his top hat wearing ass.

    Also what makes gas stations and any car related place to freaking photographable?! I swear my favorite locations are gas stations and car repair shops. No place hits that colorful yet grungy aesthetic quite as well as these places do.

    What do you lovelies think? Are you cold enough to wear a coat over a jacket? Do you rock bright colors in the winter time? Do you love has stations?