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  • Wicked


    Hey babes! Today we are getting wicked with this "Let's Summon Demons" T from Wicked clothing. No this is not sponsored,  I freaking wish. I am sure you have seen these shirts all over Gram Town and if you're a lover of creepy cute things or dark humor like me you will love their stuff. Plus this T isn't just any basic ass T-shirt it's a ringer T, a style that was  super popular in the 70s and is definitely having its own resurgence now. One decade wasn't enough so ya girl borrowed some styles from the 70's sister decade the 80s for this look. Rocking some mom jeans and my new obsession, these white platform sneakers from Missguided. That basically looks like the shoes from the Hooters uniform. Unpopular opinion that was always my favorite part about their uniforms. Not to mention they are comfortable AF and I am getting too old for uncomfortable shoes. Lastly, this look needed a coat for obvious reasons like it being below freezing outside. I chose this leopard print one that I recently thrifted to add some pattern and texture to the look. Side note if you think leopard print is cheetah print I think you need to be locked in a cheetah cage at the zoo, I kid, I kid. But for real does anyone else care way too much about people's confusion between these two prints? I blame the cheetah girls honestly. Half the prints they wore were leopard print and sometimes even tiger print. But I suppose the Leopard Girls sounds too much like leper girls and that doesn't have the best ring to it for obvious reasons. Anywho, I hope you lovelies enjoyed another sassy rambly blog post from me. I love you even if you confuse leopard print and cheetah print.

    |Shoes:Missguided|Jeans:H&M|T-Shirt:Wicked Clothing|Jacket:Thrifted|