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  • Winter Space Bae

    Winter Space Bae

    Buckle up bitches and get yourselves ready for some new wild and free content over on this blog. I know I've already been getting pretty goofy over here. So I figured it was time to get wild n out with my writing style. There's already so much family friendly, beautifully spoken blog content out there I want to do something different. I want to talk to you guys like drunk Katie talks to her drunk friends. Off the cuff, with a little too much cursing but overall unfiltered and therefore authentic. If there's one thing this social media world doesn't need more of its inauthenticity. Can I get a hell yeah? One other change you babes will be seeing on here is more rave related content. One of my resolutions this year is to incorporate more rave wear into my blog and Insta so I am starting this year with that resolution in mind with a winter rave look!

    As I am sure most of you already know I live in the midwest, so us lovelies get 4 seasons out here and sometimes even during the evenings of the warmest seasons it can get chilly AF. So I figured adding more winter rave gear to my collection was the right move. Not just starting with any company but with Club Exx, whose clothes I have been ooing and ahhing over since I first saw their Colder Than Your Heart Snowsuit. Which was just rereleased over on Dollskill and I need to get my hands on. But today I have for you that snowsuits cousin Space Bae Escapade Snow Pants, which are these lovely blue and purple oil spill looking puffer pants. Which I must first preface by saying if you're a 5 foot 4 girl who weighs roughly 118-123 lbs and has a 26-28 inch waist depending on the time of year I highly suggest you try out a small and not the medium I made the mistake of purchasing. Unless you like the illusion it gives of making your hips and legs look 10x curvier like mine are looking here. In other words, I definitely could have gone down a size but I hate returning clothes and don't mind too much so imma make it work babbyy.

    Anywho I styled these suckers with this furry bikini top I made last summer because who doesn't love a bit of faux fur in the winter? Plus the colors of the top work super well with the pants. Since I surprisngly don't own many colorful faux fur coats I chose this shaggy white one to keep me from dieing of hypothermia. Finally finishing off the look with black combat boots and the much-needed festival shades to give me that extra "Cool Bitch"vibe.

    I hope you babes enjoyed this look and overall blog post and are looking forward to my new content. I'll still be posting plenty of day-to-day looks and what not. So if you aren't a raver, don't you worry babe, I still gotchu