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  • I'm Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

    I'm Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

    Hello, you lovely beautiful creature you.  It's that time of year where you're either scowling or smiling at the sound of Christmas music, and realizing just how populated this planet really is every time you walk into a store all while being paraded by lights on every corner. Its holiday time babyyy!! So with it comes many holiday outfit ideas from bloggers, myself included. I styled these pants for a holiday look last year and with it came my coworker's story of her Grandma who wore similar plaid pants every Christmas. So I figured I would take a note from her stylish Grandmother and continue to style these pants for you year after year, because plaid and Christmas just go together, ok dude.

    I chose to pair them with a white sweater to emulate a big chunky snowman, buckled boots for major Santa vibes, and lots of black to remind you that even though it's the season of cheer I am still one spooky babe. Finally finishing off the look with some poinsettia red lipstick to even out the red tones and scare off cats, because fun fact cats, dogs, and horses are all allergic to this holiday plant. I hope you babes found some holiday outfit inspiration from this look and weren't too confused by the ramblings of a coffee hyped weirdo. Happy Holidays lovelies!