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  • Silly Rabbit

    Raise your Hatori Hanzo steel in the air if Kill Bill is one of your all time favorite movies! Did you do it? I would have if I owned a katana. But let's be real, I am a clumsy mess and swords should be kept as far away from me as possible. I know this is a fashion blog, but the one thing I love as much as fashion is movies and sometimes they go hand in hand. Whether that be a look inspired by a character or in this case a shirt making reference to many movies.

    So...back to my love for Kill Bill. Growing up there weren't as many badass female roles as there are today. So seeing female characters Beatrix Kiddo, O-Ren Ishii, and Gogo Yubari kick major ass was an eye opening experience for 11 year old me. I recall first seeing the film on a trip to my aunt and uncles cabin in northern Wisconsin. My friend had brought it along and we proceeded to watch it every day of the trip and spent the rest of the time acting out scenes from the film like the fight between Beatrix and Gogo (I am a dork I know). So naturally I am loving the abundance of Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Wes Cravin shirts floating around the online shopping web. Allowing all the women who were inspired by these movies to act out their roles in a less dorky way than my younger self. While having that role blend with whomever they are today. Like a checkered print loving, green haired, Midwestern girl.

    What do you lovelies think? Do you like this trend? What's your favorite Tarantino film?

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