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  • Checkered Piece of Fuzz

    Checkered Piece of Fuzz

    Hello beautiful babe! Today I bring to you yet another colorful look. This fuzzy pink checkered hoodie was one of my black Friday buys and I am obsessed with it! As I've stated before in many ways the checkered trend is my jam, pink is my color, and anything furry is my soul mate! I chose to pair this gorgeous piece of fuzz with some classic black high wasted pants, cat eye sunnies, and my beloved chaos boots. 

    Photographing this look was a challenge in many ways. I had to shoot it twice after my memory card deleted the first shoot (may those photos RIP). Not to mention working with the bright winter sun is always a challenge. But hey when life gives you a sunny winter day you don't complain, you work with it. So heres some fashion forward shadow monsters to brighten your day!

    |Hoodie:Forever21|Pants:H&M|Shoes:Public Desire|