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  • Da Ba Dee

    Da Ba Dee

    Hello, lovelies! It's been a minute. It's that time of year where shooting outside becomes a bit of a challenge. Half the battle is trying not to look cold. Which can be difficult when the wind feels like knives in my ears and the snow blinds my eyes. So I am sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. But don't you worry, your girl is back and ready to kick winters butt with some mad style!

    How rad are these plaid blue pants I thrifted?! I've been obsessed with colored pants lately. Don't get me wrong I love a good blue jean or classic black trouser. But I feel like a colored or patterned pant has the ability to make a look a thousand times for fun. These pants happened to match this jacket I thrifted perfectly, making for one "I'm Blue - da ba dee da ba dye" look. Lastly, you babes should know how much I love orange and blue together by now. So I decided to finish off the look with my new fuzzy orange purse. I hope this look inspires you to add some color to your life this week! We need all the color we can get in this dreary months to come. 

    |Hat:Thrifted|Top:Charlotte Russe|Jacket:Thrifted|Pants:Thrifted|

    |Purse:Thrifted|Shoes:Public Desire|