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  • Coney Island Creep

    Day 2 of our trip we woke up in a little Brooklyn apartment to the sounds of the city outside. There was one last place we wanted to check out before making our 14-hour drive home, Coney Island. A place pictured in at least a thousand movies and TV shows and mentioned in even more songs. After squeezing into a parking spot we took off down the streets of Brooklyn with Lana Del Rey's Brooklyn Baby ringing in my head.

    Arriving at Coney Island we were met with a set equipped with a tent filled with food and drink for extras as well as an overwhelming abundance of photo spots. Coney Island may have been closed but I enjoyed every minute of it regardless and I can't say I minded the lack of people. I immediately fell in love with Coney Island's cute yet creepy vibe and its hidden surprises around every corner. At one point while wandering around we found ourselves outside of the Eldorado Arcade, a place you fellow Mr. Robot fans should recognize as fsociety. I immediately took a moment to channel my inner Eliot and Darlene, as you will see below. After taking way too many pictures it was time to head home. I didn't leave without some touristy gear though, purchasing both a t-shirt and patch featuring the Funny Face Steeplechase man from the one shop that was open. Finally taking one last look at the park, trying to imagine what it must be like during the warm summer months.