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  • A Very Pink Day in New York

    This past  Sunday my boyfriend and I took a spur of the moment trip to New York, after attending a wedding in Pennsylvania. This was my first time in the big apple, and only having  a day and a half in the city, I knew I couldn't even begin to see and experience everything I wanted. One thing on my list I did get to experience was snapping a photo outside Pietro Nolita, a very pink restaurant located in Nolita that you've probably seen at least once on Instagram. As a fashion blogger, and believer in pink I felt this stop was 100% necessary, a blogger rite of passage even. So much so that I was met by other fashoinistas and photographers having their own photo shoots. Giving me the wakeup call that I was no longer in sometimes fashionable Milwaukee but always fashionable New York.

    Now  the one downside to the trip being spur of the moment was the lack of outfit preparation. Luckily I brought one of my many faux fur jackets and cabby hats along for the trip. Realizing quickly that they helped me blend right into the crowd of many fur and cabby hat donning New Yorkers. Which was when I realized I didn't stand out like I so often do here in the Midwest and I can't say I've ever felt this on such an extreme level before especially since having unusual colored hair. Its home of Fashion week for a reason, the people here have style and like me, aren't afraid to be a little extra about it.

    I hope you lovelies enjoyed this little look at my first day in New York! I hope you look forward to my next blog post  all about my time in Brooklyn.