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  • A Beetlejuice Scoobie Gang Kinda Look

    A Beetlejuice Scoobie Gang Kinda Look

    Hello, lovelies! I am sorry I missed you babes last week! I've been nursing a cold while trying to get back into the swing of balancing blogging with a fulltime job. I hope you lovelies understand and that 31 days of Halloween makeup helps make up(no pun intended) for it. Anyway, let's get into this look baby!!!

    With it being fall I have been diving deep into my favorite fall colors. These orange pants have been a blessing this season! Giving me total pumpkin vibes and adding that extra pop of color to my outfit. This is the first time I've ever paired them with a patterned top and I am digging it. Especially since stripes give me major Beetlejuice vibes this time of year. I chose to accessorize with some fall must-haves a baker boy hat, brown boots that make me look like part of the Scoobie gang, and an intricate leather belt. Lastly I through on the new old leather jacket from ThriftUSA to finish off the look and keep my booty warm against the crisp fall air. What do you lovelies think?! Do stripes give you Beetlejuice vibes?


    |Jacket:Thrifted|Sunnies:Foster Grant|