• Neon Festival Barbie

    Neon Festival Barbie

    Hey babes! It's finally here, festival season! So I hope y'all are ready for some wild fashion. I am kicking off with one of the huge trends this year, neon! More specifically green neon because your girl has been missing green ever since I traded in my green locks. This outfit was made by yours truly and I styled with some pink accessories and pink festival braids to give you this rave Barbie-esque look. Finishing the look off with my favorite white sneaks because comfy shoes at festivals are a must. Though if you choose to wear white sneakers don't count on them being white by the end of the festival or even day one. So what do you lovelies think? Are we loving the neon? What's your favorite festival trend?

    |Braids:Amazon|Shoes:Missguided|Necklace:H&M|Belt:Nasty Gal|

  • OOTD: Clouds and Pastels

    OOTD: Clouds and Pastels

    Hey, lovelies! It me, your girl Katie. Just dropping by to throw some pastel spring style in your face. Yeah, that's right I still rock a fur coat in the springtime. Why? Well because this is Wisconsin and it's still cold, most days anyway. As much as I could complain about the weather. I am going to take a moment to show it some appreciation. Every year coats go up for sale and us Midwesterners get to not only enjoy these great deals but actually wear the items we buy rather than waiting till next year. So next time and believe me there will be a next time, it snows. Pop on that sweet deal of a coat you picked up at your favorite store and take it in babyyy.


  • 3 Ways to Style a Skort for you Squirts

    3 Ways to Style a Skort for you Squirts

    Hello, lovelies! After a massive struggle of packing 1 weeks work of clothes for Mexico into a carry on bag, I think I've finally figured it out! The way to not only keep your carryon from bursting at the seems while heading for vacation but being more minimalistic in your wardrobe altogether. Which is a challenge I want to face head on this year. Starting by finding and keeping clothing that can be styled into multiple outfits. So imma give you babes some inspiration if you're looking to do the same. Starting off by showing you how you can take a skort or dress, a pair of shorts, a pashmina and a top and make 3 different looks. Here we go!

    1. The Basic Way but like with a Pashmina so it's Different

    Pashminas have become a staple in rave culture and that's where my interest in them first grew. What makes them such a perfect rave and honestly just everyday accessory is their adaptability to every climate. When you're cold its a blanket, when you're hot you can dip it in water to cool you off and shield you from the sun. Not to mention they can be stylish af girl! Adding a pop of color to an outfit or complimenting the colors already in one as I did here. So pick one up babyyy you won't be disappointed! FYI depending on their size pashminas can be worn as many clothes items like skirts, tops, and dresses.

    2. As a Tank Top Say Whaaaaat?!

    If you can find the right pair of shorts with plenty of room you can easily make a skort work as a top. As long as you're not afraid of a little extra work when it comes time to use the restroom that is. This trick is great for cooler summer days because it adds an extra layer of warmth. While style allowing you to rock a classic summer looks, shorts and a tank top. FYI you could definitely style these shorts with the top I am about to show you for yet another outfit! 

    3. With an Added T Babyyy

    I chose to throw this t on underneath giving this look a 90s nostalgic flair. Once again using the extra item to add some warmth and changing the look from a simple girly outfit to a slightly more fashion-forward one. FYI you could even more easily throw this top over your skort and voila you are now wearing a cute top and shorts. 

    I hope you lovelies enjoyed this how to style and that it's giving you some spring closet cleaning inspiration. Which one of these looks were your faves?! 

  • A Nightmare on Katie Street

    A Nightmare on Katie Street

    Not going to lie I've been a bit of a neon hater most of my life. To me it was the stuff of nightmares. I know, throw all the shade you got. But for the longest time, all I could picture was Wet Seal's (RIP) racks filled with hoochie club clothes, and well, hunters, for obvious reasons. But alas I've finally turned to the Bright AF side. In all honesty I think I just didn't know how to make it work for me. Assuming there was no room in the alternative style world for neon. But this Nightmare On Elm Street shirt proved me wrong. Which brings me to my conclusion, just about anything can be edgy if you let it.


  • Anthropomorphized Watermelon

    Anthropomorphized Watermelon

    Hey fam, it's me, the green haired kawaii watermelon looking girl. If you don't know wtf I am talking about, bear with me. Do you know those cutesy drawing of watermelons? Like the ones that often have faces and are more pink than red? Even though watermelons are redder. Though the pink part is my fave if I am being honest. I am a weirdo I know, but yall should know this by now. If this isn't ringing any bells google kawaii watermelon. Anyway, I have basically been obsessed with wearing pink since donning my green hair because it reminds me of an adorable anthropomorphized watermelon and apparently that's all I wish to be in life. We all have our aspirations right?

    This pink corduroy overall style dress is allowing me to live out my watermelon dreams. I chose to pair it with my white faux shearling jacket and white chunky sneakers to be a trendy ass bitch. Finishing off the look with my checkered backpack to remind y'all of my addiction and dedication to the checkerboard print.

    Shout out to Alax aka The Wild Inspired for capturing another one of my #lewks yet again. Check her out if you love girls who don't want to look like anthropomorphized watermelons. But for real her style is actual goals and she's a total babe and photography queen!

    |Jacket:Charlotte Russe(RIP)|Dress:H&M|Shoes:Missguided|Backpack:Target|

  • A Valentine's Day Look for the Shooketh

    A Valentine's Day Look for the Shooketh

    Hi sweet thangs! It's that time of year again where you are either basking in the joys of love, bawling your eyes out to Eternal Sunshine and the likes (I speak from experience), or just completely indifferent to this holiday and hey bae thats ok. Either way I thought I'd give you lovelies an outfit idea to get you feeling extra sexy on this Hallmark Holiday.

    I have one rule when it comes to creating the perfect V Day look. You always need a pop of red or pink,  right hunnies? Once you pick that color it will help bring the rest of the look together. For example, I am feeling red this year, hence this gorgeous thrifted coat from Love Thrift. What pattern goes best with red?! Leopard print!!! Shhhh...there's no other pattern ok, trust me. Plus the fit of this skirt gives me major Joan Holloway vibes and it's doing wonders for my pencil body shape. Like girl where did those curves come from? Only the skirt knows and it won't tell me its secrets.

    Now Valentine's Day isn't just about what you are wearing to diner. I am talking lingerie babyyy, and if you are struggling to figure how to hide your sexy lingerie under your modern clothing I've got a little trick for you. This top is actually lingerie with a cami underneath. Are you shook? Because you should be. So when you are trying to decide if you want to rock a teddy or a babydoll think about which one is going to work with than din din outfit. If you can wear it as a top like I did this will save you babes a lot of time when it comes time to slip into something more comfortable.  

    Lastly, I highly recommend you pick a pair of shoes that make you feel like a badass bitch! Extra points to you if they happen to match your lingerie. These stiletto sock ankle boots are the perfect combination of sexy yet deadly and that's everything I ever want in a pair of heals.

    So lovelies, what do you think? Do you like your heals sexy yet deadly? Do have a hot date? Or are you staying in to cry your eyes out to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind? Most importantly what are you wearing?


  • Frosty


    Good evening lovelies! I shot with the oh so beautiful and talented AF Alaxandra Rutella today. We ended up having enough time after our main shoot ( which you will see in the near future) to shoot each other's outfits. So here is mine, if you want to see hers keep an eye on her Instagram.

    This is a pretty basic " I am colder than Frosty the freaking Snowman but I still want to look kinda cute look". The weather has been all over the place so your girl just wants to be as comfortable as possible until we can say buh bye to this season. But I refuse to let the dreary colors that come with this weather to work their way into my wardrobe, nuh uh hunny. So I went for a colorful striped sweater with this gorgeous blue suede jacket on top. Pairing them with black pants and my beloved white sneakers, and let my hair do the rest of the talking. Normally I like my colors more balanced throughout my outfits, but I feel like white sneakers have the ability to give a look that extra pop. Especially when they are as chunky and obnoxious as these. Lastly, I wanted to include some photos of how I would actually wear this look out and about during the winter. With a giant fluffy coat overtop, because like I said your girl is colder than Frosty and his top hat wearing ass.

    Also what makes gas stations and any car related place to freaking photographable?! I swear my favorite locations are gas stations and car repair shops. No place hits that colorful yet grungy aesthetic quite as well as these places do.

    What do you lovelies think? Are you cold enough to wear a coat over a jacket? Do you rock bright colors in the winter time? Do you love has stations?

  • WOO HOO!

    WOO HOO!

    Heyyy thereee (said in the most midwest accent imaginable). Today I am bringing you a very classic Katie look. High waisted trousers, a black turtle neck, a bakerboy hat and a fuzzball of a coat that also happens to be pink heyyooo! Oh and I almost forgot these floral Doc Marten wannabes that I literally purchased from the kids section at H&M. Laugh all you want they are comfy af and have gotten me through Wisconsin's snowy trenches and lost lands bumpy red dirt.

    Speaking of dirt. I've felt like a hot mess lately so I thought I'd take a moment to list off my favorite movies. Some of which might get me through these sulcy winter months. Hence my reasoning for shooting my look in front of a movie theater. Not to mention it's green and like totally matches my hair. Have I ever seen a move in this theater? Nope, but hey movie theaters are basically my second home and I swear I am the last Milwaukee blogger to take a photo in front of the Downer Theater so let me live my life ok!

    So lovelies, if you too are feeling like hot trash or are just looking for something to watch while doing your best burrito impersonation on the couch. Here are 10 of my favorite films in order of how likely they are to make you cry. I limited myself to one horror movie to give more variety, ya welcome bae. Let me know if we have any in common and if they too make you cry for any of the reasons listed below.

    Scary Movie


    You won't cry but you might be saying WAAZZZUUUUP to your friends weeks after watching.

    Kill Bill

    0/5 Tears

    If you are crying during this movie I am concerned about you. 

    It Follows

    1/5 Tears

    I've never personally cried during this movie. But hey demons are scary so I'd get it if you did.



    [Cries in French]

    Donnie Darko

    2/5 Tears

    You might find yourself crying about the complexity of life, the inevitability of death, the idea that destruction is a form of creation. Or maybe you will cry out of fear of a scary rabbit following you around or just out of pure confusion. 

    The Girl Next Door (The comedy)

    2/5 Tears

    Moral fiber, nufff said.

    Sex Drive

    3/5 Tears

    You will laugh so hard you cry and then want to throw your shoes into a tree.

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    4/5 Tears

    You'll probably find yourself crying wondering if you are living a life you're proud and if you have the strength to start all over again.

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    5/5 Tears

    If you don't cry or at least think about crying during this movie you have no soul.

    Breakfast at Tiffany's


    You'll be crying as hard as the lady in the party scene(you'll get the reference when you watch it), have your handkerchief ready babe.

  • Wicked


    Hey babes! Today we are getting wicked with this "Let's Summon Demons" T from Wicked clothing. No this is not sponsored,  I freaking wish. I am sure you have seen these shirts all over Gram Town and if you're a lover of creepy cute things or dark humor like me you will love their stuff. Plus this T isn't just any basic ass T-shirt it's a ringer T, a style that was  super popular in the 70s and is definitely having its own resurgence now. One decade wasn't enough so ya girl borrowed some styles from the 70's sister decade the 80s for this look. Rocking some mom jeans and my new obsession, these white platform sneakers from Missguided. That basically looks like the shoes from the Hooters uniform. Unpopular opinion that was always my favorite part about their uniforms. Not to mention they are comfortable AF and I am getting too old for uncomfortable shoes. Lastly, this look needed a coat for obvious reasons like it being below freezing outside. I chose this leopard print one that I recently thrifted to add some pattern and texture to the look. Side note if you think leopard print is cheetah print I think you need to be locked in a cheetah cage at the zoo, I kid, I kid. But for real does anyone else care way too much about people's confusion between these two prints? I blame the cheetah girls honestly. Half the prints they wore were leopard print and sometimes even tiger print. But I suppose the Leopard Girls sounds too much like leper girls and that doesn't have the best ring to it for obvious reasons. Anywho, I hope you lovelies enjoyed another sassy rambly blog post from me. I love you even if you confuse leopard print and cheetah print.

    |Shoes:Missguided|Jeans:H&M|T-Shirt:Wicked Clothing|Jacket:Thrifted|

  • Winter Space Bae

    Winter Space Bae

    Buckle up bitches and get yourselves ready for some new wild and free content over on this blog. I know I've already been getting pretty goofy over here. So I figured it was time to get wild n out with my writing style. There's already so much family friendly, beautifully spoken blog content out there I want to do something different. I want to talk to you guys like drunk Katie talks to her drunk friends. Off the cuff, with a little too much cursing but overall unfiltered and therefore authentic. If there's one thing this social media world doesn't need more of its inauthenticity. Can I get a hell yeah? One other change you babes will be seeing on here is more rave related content. One of my resolutions this year is to incorporate more rave wear into my blog and Insta so I am starting this year with that resolution in mind with a winter rave look!

    As I am sure most of you already know I live in the midwest, so us lovelies get 4 seasons out here and sometimes even during the evenings of the warmest seasons it can get chilly AF. So I figured adding more winter rave gear to my collection was the right move. Not just starting with any company but with Club Exx, whose clothes I have been ooing and ahhing over since I first saw their Colder Than Your Heart Snowsuit. Which was just rereleased over on Dollskill and I need to get my hands on. But today I have for you that snowsuits cousin Space Bae Escapade Snow Pants, which are these lovely blue and purple oil spill looking puffer pants. Which I must first preface by saying if you're a 5 foot 4 girl who weighs roughly 118-123 lbs and has a 26-28 inch waist depending on the time of year I highly suggest you try out a small and not the medium I made the mistake of purchasing. Unless you like the illusion it gives of making your hips and legs look 10x curvier like mine are looking here. In other words, I definitely could have gone down a size but I hate returning clothes and don't mind too much so imma make it work babbyy.

    Anywho I styled these suckers with this furry bikini top I made last summer because who doesn't love a bit of faux fur in the winter? Plus the colors of the top work super well with the pants. Since I surprisngly don't own many colorful faux fur coats I chose this shaggy white one to keep me from dieing of hypothermia. Finally finishing off the look with black combat boots and the much-needed festival shades to give me that extra "Cool Bitch"vibe.

    I hope you babes enjoyed this look and overall blog post and are looking forward to my new content. I'll still be posting plenty of day-to-day looks and what not. So if you aren't a raver, don't you worry babe, I still gotchu